About me

I am 38 years old and live in Falkenberg, Sweden, with my wife Anna and our two kids. Since approx. 4 years I am working as a Digital Strategist and Head of Design Lab at Region Halland, the regional government in Halland, Sweden. As Head of Design Lab I spearhead our efforts to build better services and tools for our customers using service design as a method. This may include defining customer journeys, producing prototypes and performing workshops of various kinds. As a Digital Strategist, I am involved in driving our digital portfolio forward by developing our strategies and being involved in prioritizing our various initiatives. In addition to this, I am also a driving force in our transition to agile and are often lecturing about the digitalisation of society.

Before I started working in the public sector I had a role as Product Owner at Telia Sverige, Sweden’s largest telco. I was responsible for the digital customer experience for our B2B customers and was part of scaling up an agile organization to approx. 150 developers. During my time at Telia I also worked as Creative Director and was responsible for Telia’s digital design language in all channels. For me, Telia was a really good education in how to drive digital transformation and change a business. I gained a lot of knowledge about how to lead teams, change a portfolio and build new revenue streams, but also a lot of knowledge about myself and my qualities. It became clear that I am driven by getting things done and being responsible for realizing a vision. I’m in my prime when I see KPIs that show a positive trend thanks to the value my team delivers.

The reason I started working at Telia in Sweden was that we moved home from Berlin where we lived for a few years before we had children. In Germany I worked at Nokia as a Senior UX Designer & Prototyper. Together with the team there I was responsible for UX, UI & guidelines for all Nokia’s own apps (Maps, Store, Music, etc.) and for the design of the operating system MeeGo. It was at Nokia I understood the importance of creative leadership and how important it is to understand all parts of the product (i.e. design, tech & business). As a Prototyper, I also worked a lot with Nokia’s strategy and developed prototypes and demos of new apps and potential business areas.

The red thread through my career is curiosity. I want to know as much as possible about what I’m working on. That’s why I previously worked both as a developer and as a designer and the reason that I focus on digital strategy and leadership today. That curiosity also drove me to found a IT-museum in the yearly 2000s and took it from 0 to ca. 5000 collected items. The same curiosity also means that I now have a deep understanding of most parts that make up a digital business, I can almost always offer meaningful advice and a way forward. I am often told that I am a knowledgeable and committed leader who requires a lot, but gives even more back. For me, the leadership is one of the funniest parts of the job, I really like to see colleagues develop and perform good results.